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The market sector in which we feel masters thanks to a proven know-how, is certainly that of cold storage. In fact, Isocold Italia designed and built countless refrigerated warehouses, controlled atmosphere cells, processing rooms and laboratories for the food industries.

The strength of ISOCOLD ITALIA is to tailor each project according to the customer's needs.

Starting from a careful analysis and evaluation of the customer's requests, our technical department proposes the best solutions for customer satisfaction.

Thanks to continuous collaborations with our trusted commercial partners, we offer our customers high-tech solutions by creating modern and efficient turnkey systems, based on features that guarantee reliability over time through the use of high quality materials and a "custom design made ”focused on the specific needs of each customer.

The availability of different installation and assembly teams and an innovative fleet of machines and tools, allows Isocold Italia to follow the progress of our work on several fronts, with the precise intention of always being ready and effective on site, minimizing time installation, or waiting for any assistance.

The high experience of our staff makes us able to place great trust in them and to better structure our construction sites based on the different skills of our installers, fully reflecting our philosophy of pursuing full customer satisfaction.

The first point remains for us safety on site thanks to continuous training through the appropriate courses, providing our staff with the necessary PPE and means and tools in excellent condition and always revised, setting up each job with the drafting of the appropriate OSP.

All our work is performed in a workmanlike manner with the issue of a "Certificate of correct installation".

For us, a contract with the customer is not just a job to be carried out but it is the beginning of a lasting partnership with the aim of providing systems that are always operational and highly efficient. Each of our products is followed by a targeted scheduled maintenance program carried out by our specialized staff.
The availability of different installation and assembly teams gives us the possibility of always being ready and effective even in situations of extraordinary maintenance.

Another service for the restoration of restored premises or suitable for a change of production activity that we can offer is that of the sanitation of the environments.
By sanitation we mean the set of operations that allow you to eliminate not only the "visible" dirt but also any bacterial residue from any surface and environment.

Efficiency, targeted sizing, quality of materials, installation performed in a workmanlike manner, these are the factors that lead to substantial energy savings to the customer.
What does energy saving mean?

  • Cost reduction
  • Greater company ECO-sustainability
  • Looking to the future

Thanks to the best logistics partners spread throughout Italy to which we rely, whether national or international or exceptional or by sea, we are able to guarantee a quality of service in terms of timing and accuracy of the load transported in an impeccable way.

Since supporting its customers in all phases is one of the missions, Isocold Italia satisfies the customer's needs with flexibility and efficiency also with regard to the delivery of materials on site.
Our company cooperates with the main shipping companies for transport both in Italy and abroad. Our partners select the most suitable vehicles for the specific needs of the customer ensuring, through specifically dedicated transport, maximum reliability even in urgent situations. The customer has the possibility to choose the delivery methods according to his needs and has the guarantee of a punctual and precise delivery.

Esperti della conservazione

Gli innumerevoli progetti realizzati (quali magazzini frigoriferi, celle ad atmosfera controllata, laboratori e sale di conservazione) ci hanno conferito un know-how collaudato

Progetto su misura

La nostra forza è il prodotto realizzato su misura per il cliente. Partendo da un’attenta analisi dei desiderata, il nostro ufficio tecnico proporrà le migliori soluzioni per il progetto

Chiavi in mano

La rete di partner fidati, costruita in tutti questi anni, ci permette di offrirvi la realizzazione di impianti chiavi in mano, proponendo sempre le soluzioni incentrate sulle esigenze specifiche di ogni cliente

Pannelli frigo

progettazione, produzione e realizzazione di pannelli isolanti e componenti per celle frigorifere industriali

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