Maximum attention to details and finishes, starting from design, through production till final installation.
Particular attention is paid to environments such as processing rooms and clean or white rooms where the use of suitable materials, shapes and devices are important in terms of health and safety and food safety (food and pharmaceutical industry, HACCP certification) and quality in carrying out special activities (chemical industry).


The sanitary profiles have been developed above all to satisfy the needs in the food sector in order to confer greater hygienic protection during the processing and/or storage phases of these products.
Made in pvc and equipped with aluminum fixing supports and special pieces such as corners and side closures, they are composed of quick joints so as to make them easy and quick to install, while their resistance to shocks and the fact that they are resistant to mold and bacteria are essential.


The sanitary profiles for walls, called shells, are equipped with an interlocking pvc support and underlying aluminum supports adequately fixed to the panel.
With a rounded shape, they guarantee maximum hygienic protection as well as giving the sharp edge of the corner joints a completely modern design.


Pvc skirting board with a modern and versatile design, easy and quick to install thanks to a simple interlocking system and a convenient fixing to the wall performed with screws and plugs, act as protection of walls and panels from collisions with forklifts and transpallets.


In environments where the traffic of moving vehicles (trolleys, forklifts, etc.) and work rates are high such as for example in the warehouse stores, it is necessary to protect doors of various kinds, corners and edges, protect walls, sliding door tracks, machinery and pedestrian lanes from accidental collisions that often occur.
Our bumpers are anchored to the floor with steel bars and guarantee a very high impact resistance. Shapes and materials (both in steel and plastic materials) are designed to ensure easy and quick cleaning as well as ensure safety and compatibility with any environment, including food.

  • Barriers
  • Guard rail
  • Poles
  • Flat sheet
  • Foamed or cast sheet
  • Polymer protection
  • Door protection


Usually made using genoese chains or threaded bars suitably sized by our technical office, the hooks are of fundamental importance to support and / or give greater capacity to the ceilings made, but at the same time they can also be used to support evaporators inside of the cells.


Vi proponiamo un’ampia offerta di sistemi di scaffalature e di magazzino per lo stoccaggio di pallet, contenitori, ripiani, scatole in cartone, anche per merci di grandi dimensioni, piattaforme e depositi autoportanti. Con i nostri sistemi di scaffalatura adatti a ogni esigenza, creiamo, dimensioniamo e ottimizziamo l’efficienza dell’intero ciclo di materiali.

La nostra vasta gamma di scaffalature comprende:

  • Scaffalature multiposto
  • Scaffalature monoposto
  • Scaffalature mobili
  • Scaffalature push-back
  • Scaffalature drive-in e drive-through