Isocold Italia supplies a complete range of cold storage doors suitable for any temperature, sealing and passage requirement.

The cold storage doors are one of the key elements inside the refrigerated warehouses, they have the purpose of avoiding the passage and exchange of temperature and humidity from one room to another, guaranteeing the stability of the storage conditions of a product and the optimization the operating costs of the structure. Since the refrigerator doors must withstand the low temperatures inside the warehouse and the constant temperature difference between the storage area and the rest of the warehouse, they must be designed, built and installed in order to avoid or minimize thermal bridges.

The refrigerator doors differ according to the thermal regime of the refrigerated chamber; in particular, a distinction is made between:

  • doors for rooms with an air-conditioned temperature above 12 ° C
  • so-called medium temperature doors for rooms and warehouses above 5 ° C
  • low temperature doors for conditions from -5 to -25 degrees.

The main difference between medium and low temperature doors is their thickness, which can vary from 40 to 160 mm, the sealing system and the presence of a heating cable or resistance.

The standard thickness for medium temperature cold rooms is 60-100mm, while for low temperature ones it is around 100-120 mm. In the freezing chambers, with temperatures between -30 and -40 degrees, the thickness can even reach 140-160mm. In these situations, the closures can be equipped with a heating system that prevents the panel or door frame from freezing.

Very frequent are the doors designed for fast transit, or doors only dividing the departments where special insulation is not required, but the priority is the speed of opening and closing.