Commercial Refrigerating Systems

Commercial Refrigerating Systems

Commercial refrigeration systems are used for small cells or used for cooling processing rooms.

Commercial refrigeration systems can be single-user with a condensing unit connected to a unit cooler (split system), or serving a group of cold rooms with a multi-compressor unit that feeds various unit coolers.

The compressors used are of the hermetic or semi-hermetic reciprocating type; in some cases, in larger systems, semi-hermetic screw compressors can be used. The refrigerant gas used is Freon with direct expansion, which changes type according to the operating temperatures. Condensation is mainly by air, in some rare cases water cooled by an evaporative tower is used.

The utilities are served by unit coolers which, depending on the stored product, can be either axial or static ventilated, with electric defrost.
For the processing rooms, air evaporators with centrifugal fans or air handling units are used connected to the cooled air distribution ducts.

All our systems can be managed by a control system that analyzes all functions, even remotely.