Compensation Valves

Compensation Valves

The compensation valves are used to maintain the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the cell to 0 ° or higher temperature. The main purpose is therefore to keep the internal / external pressures in the cold room balanced. In coincidence with the various defrosting phases and with the opening and closing of the refrigerator door, pressure differences are created between the inside and outside of the cold rooms. The presence of the compensation valves cancels these differences, guaranteeing the constant pressure inside the storage area.

Failure to use the compensating valve can cause the following problems:

  • Abrupt opening of the door with consequent deterioration of the products.

  • Cracks at the joints of the panels with consequent formation of frost.

  • The valves are divided into:

    • (TN) Positive temperature from + 10 °C to + 1 °C
    • (BT) Low temperature from 0 °C to -30 °C

Compensation valve installation

The compensation valve must be installed in the position indicated by a technician, perfectly horizontal so as to allow free movement of the fins and furthermore, care must be taken that nothing can prevent the passage of air through it.
In accordance with the UNI 10933 June 2001 standard in 7.1.2, during the cooling process and up to the proximity of the operating temperature, a door must be left ajar.