Industrial Refrigerator System

Industrial Refrigerator System

Industrial refrigeration systems serve large refrigerated buildings used for the storage or distribution of food and non-food products.

Another important application of industrial refrigeration systems is in food production processes, in particular for cooling and freezing tunnels and spirals.

Industrial refrigeration systems are made with open or semi-hermetic screw compressors, in some cases open reciprocating compressors are used.
Evaporative condensers or water condensers connected to cooling towers are used for condensation.

The power supply of the users can be done with the primary refrigerant gas, Freon or Ammonia, with direct expansion or with forced circulation pump. Alternatively, a secondary circuit can be made using a glycolate water solution (ethylene or propylene) cooled with plate or tube bundle exchangers. Especially for low temperature environments, you can also opt for a CO2 cascade system.

To cool the utilities, depending on the operating temperatures and applications, are used air coolers with horizontal or vertical exchange coil, defrosted with water or hot gas.

All our industrial refrigeration systems can be managed by a control system that analyzes all functions, even remotely.